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I am Endorsed by Rotosound Guitar Strings

Intermediate Guitar Lessons


So you’ve been playing guitar for a while, and you are no amateur!


You know the chords, and scales, but you don’t know how to get any better, or what songs to learn to help you advance??

Well I can also help you out here. I can demonstrate the techniques for you, and help you apply these to you’re own playing, so you can become a better player. If there is a certain solo you`ve always wanted to learn, but not known where to start with it, I can break it down and teach it your in simple sections before putting it all together, and get you playing along to backing tracks.

I focus lessons very much around the individual, so if you are a fan of a certain band, then I will try to use as many of their songs as possible in teaching to make it more enjoyable for you, I will try my best to introduce you to new music and bands as well, so if you are thinking about lessons, email me and let me know what sort of music you are into and give me an idea if what you can already play and we`ll go from there.

Thanks - Andy