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I often teach techniques on the electric guitar, and then once those have been established I like to reinforce them by going through songs which would utilise these techniques. Normally it`s Guns N Roses, Thunder, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC or something form Metallica or Zeppelin for the rock based styles. I am a big fan of Clapton, the three Kings Phillp Sayce, Peter Frampton, Gary Moore and Joe Bonamassa for the more blues influenced playing. I love to introduce students to new bands, and musicians, but having said that if there is a certain band that you love or a song you`ve always wished you could play, then I`m up for that too.

I use mainly Fender and Gibson guitars for electric playing, but also have an old Kramer and Dean in my collection. I am more into the Bluesy feeling based side of electric guitar playing these days, but have worked in classic rock covers bands, a KISS tribute, as well as metal outfits, so have an eclectic taste and knowledge of various playing styles.

I have a few different amps ranging from small solid states, to nice Bluesy Tube Combo`s and a full high gain three channel tube head and half stack cab, so I can show you the difference and pros and cons between all these. I am a big pedal fan too, so I am happy to give out as much advice as I can regarding gear and equipment as I`ve been through a lot of guitars and practically lived in guitar shops with the amount of times I`ve been in and out them !



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Here are some links to two of my own compositions on the electric. Feel free to check them out and follow me on Soundcloud if you`d like to keep up to date will all my future recordings both electric and acoustic.




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"Should you be in the position of not being able to make an arranged lesson, please let me know by phone or e mail, (See contact me) As soon as you are able, so as we can re arrange another date... Thanks!