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I have been playing acoustic guitar for some time now. After having really specialised in it for the performance aspect of my Music A level, I have recorded and performed a lot of solo acoustic guitar music, alongside playing various places, doing corporate events, festivals and weddings in an acoustic duo. I used to play by pick only, but through learning more challenging material on the acoustic I have perfected finger picking, even onto using the acoustic guitar body as a percussive instrument rather then just using it for providing melody.

I use both Taylor and Faith guitars for acoustic playing, and am willing to teach whatever you desire acoustically. Basic open chords with a capo, Barre chords, strumming patterns, finger picking, classic rock ballads, instrumental music, pop and blues, anything right through to more demanding pieces in the style of guys like Andy Mckee.



Here are some links to two of my own compositions on the acoustic, and also a Beatles cover. Feel free to check them out and follow me on Soundcloud if you would like to keep up to date with all my future recordings.






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"Should you be in the position of not being able to make an arranged lesson, please let me know by phone or e mail, (See contact me) As soon as you are able, so as we can re arrange another date... Thanks!