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About Me - Andy Dove

Hi there, my name is Andy, I have been playing guitar for over 10 years, and have been teaching freelance for just over 6 years. I have worked alongside other guitar teachers in the past, done work experience sessions working for the Warwickshire County Music Service as well as teaching in schools in Leicestershire which was a massive eye opener.

Music has always been a major passion in my life, and being able to share that passion with others through teaching is absolutely fantastic. It all started when I got my first guitar for x-mas all those years ago. At first, It just sat in the corner of my room, not knowing how to even tune the thing, I never touched it. Then one day my dad took me to my first gig !

It was really a surreal experience, hearing a live working band for the first time was incredible, and I came home absolutely knackered, without a voice, and with the strong urge to somehow teach myself the guitar. I spent every second of my spare time on my guitar, and every single penny I could scrape together to buy more guitars. Learning music became an addiction, and as I developed more as a musician and appreciated more styles, I met other musicians along the way from all different backgrounds that really pushed me further.

I have experience playing in a variety of different styled bands, playing as a soloist, and in duos. I also worked as part of Rhys Chathman`s 100 piece guitar orchestra performing at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham with 99 other guitarists, as well as hosting local music events in my home town. With a Degree in Music Performance I feel myself to be very well qualified with plenty of knowledge to teach you.

I keep myself very busy musically, but am always on the lookout for new students to teach, as it provides me with a lot of great experiences, the chance to meet new people, and to share my knowledge of the guitar with others. I have taught students from the complete beginner of guitar, right through to guitarists who are already rather talented who want a few pointers, and help with tightening certain techniques up. Both of these are great for me, as everyone is at a different stage, I don`t find myself teaching everyone the exact same thing.

I try to plan my lessons around what music you enjoy and are capable of playing rather then sticking to a strict routine of a certain thing for a certain lesson. I play both electric guitar and acoustic in varied styles, also bass, but most of the time you`ll find me plugged into my stack, and cranked up loud!

I am sure if you come to me with the right attitude and determination to practice as often as needed, then you will get on fine, and will be surprised yourself at how easy it is to learn guitar when you are shown how! Feel free to ask me any questions, and I hope to teach you soon.

Many thanks....Andy.